Ganesh Idol 5.5 Inch

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 The brim and vegetation around the water bodies are blooming, It’s that time of the year when the lakes around the city are filled to the brim and vegetation around the water bodies are blooming, making it a delight to watch for every city dweller. However, in a few days, as Ganesh Chaturthi ushers in, these lakes and other water bodies will lose their charm and the greenery would decay with immersions of Plaster of Paris made idols. While the festivity is a good idea, the way it is being observed does more harm than good to mankind environment. 

The harmful chemicals used in the making and painting of idols take a toll on the water bodies, contaminate them, and make them the hoarding site for mosquitos and other disease-causing bacteria. This could however change, if everyone takes a pledge to celebrate an eco-friendly Ganesh Chaturthi, that also contributes to the purification of the lakes. While each one of us cannot step into the waters and clean it, we could let our idols do the job. Yes, that’s right. Your Ganesha idol could do the water purification process for you if it is made of cow dung.

The tradition of making idols with cow dung dates back to several centuries, and these idols have stood the test of time, for instance, a Hanuman idol, that dates back to over four hundred years, stands tall in the city of Nigoha in UP. Idols made of cow dung, are considered to be holy, and capable of warding away the evil eye, and there is a lot of scientific evidence to add value to this belief.

The ingredients used in the preparation of the Gomaya Ganesha or cow dung Ganesha have several medicinal properties.

The antimicrobial properties of cow dung have been emphasised over the years in India tradition. Over the years, smearing of cow dung paste on the floor has been in practice to stop the growth of microorganisms. An idol made of cow dung, when worshipped at home, would spread its goodness around the house, keeping you protected from the various infections that spread during the monsoon season.